YWC Football Talk

YWC Football Talk
  Nov 14, 2021  

Shadow Boxing

(Recording Dates: November 13 & 14, 2021)

This week, we have no guest as there's been so much going on since the election, and this is a good time to catch up.

We have for you our Coast to Coast to Coast COVID Round Up, a quick run down of major headlines to hit since the election, an in depth-discussion about Erin O'Toole's Leadership Team and Shadow Cabinet announcement, and this week it's the return of "The Cool News!"

Also, because we believe that “Democracy Is Something You Do”, we invite our Kits to write in to tell us what is the earliest date at which you will start tolerating Christmas/Holiday music.

You can do that via our show’s Facebook blog page on via Twitter @TrueEager.

As always retweets, shares, gentle corrections, constructive criticism, compliments, tips, requests and positive reviews are always welcome.

Until then, be kind to, and gentle with, yourselves,

Your Eager Beaver

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