Spear Talk Podcast

Spear Talk Podcast
Episode: 24
  Nov 26, 2020   01:06:04

Spear Talk #24 – Marcus Torgerson & Jason Johnson

For Spear Talk #24, we once again sat down with Marcus Torgerson (Krav Maga expert and leader in club security), and also brought along first time guest, Jason Johnson (World renown knife thrower and edged weapons expert) for an explosive discussion that covered everything that is going on in the world today!

We touched on mental health in a pandemic, staying positive, edged weapon training, TSA rules for flying, domestic violence, the power of the media, and why we all must continue to help eradicate human trafficking!

This talk will get you thinking and might ruffle some feathers! It’s refreshing to talk with individuals who are raw, authentic, and willing to help out at the drop of a hat!

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