Spear Talk Podcast

Spear Talk Podcast
Episode: 31
  Jan 21, 2021   00:52:10

Spear Talk #31 – James C. Burns

For Spear Talk #31, we had to honor to talk with James C. Burns, who voiced and portrayed the iconic "Frank Woods" from the acclaimed Black Ops I, Black Ops II, and Black Ops IV games in the Call of Duty series! James is one of a kind individual who shared some amazing stories!

We touched on what his feelings were, why he wasn't asked to be back in the latest Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War playing his iconic character.  It was great to hear it from James, as the fans of the series have been rallying around his lack of involvement! James is a total class act dealing with this!

We also covered what the filming of a video game consists of on his end, his creative process in building the story of "Frank Woods", as well as some awesome stories on his time as a Belgium National hockey champion, and his time in the NYC band, Runner!

This Spear Talk was a blast!

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