Spear Talk Podcast

Spear Talk Podcast
Episode: 33
  Feb 02, 2021   00:35:01

Spear Talk #33 – Ryan Tate

For Spear Talk #33, we had the honor to speak with Ryan Tate, who is a former U.S. Marine and President of VETPAW (Veterans Empowered To Protect African Wildlife). This organization is unique in the fact that it deploys former and retired veterans to Africa, to help in the protection of wildlife, most of which is targeted by poachers and the illegal animal trade markets.

Ryan shared his reasoning for joining the U.S. Marines and how that led to creating VETPAW, what an average day is like while on duty in Africa, how the global pandemic has affected their operations, how working with animals in turn helps the veterans with PTSD, and how he deals with negative on social media!

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