Spear Talk Podcast

Spear Talk Podcast
Episode: 35
  Feb 11, 2021   00:44:22

Spear Talk #35 – Vernon Wells

For Spear Talk 35, we sat down with actor, Vernon Wells, who you will recognize from his memorable roles as "Bennett" from Commando, 'Wez" from Mad Max 2, "Mr. Igoe" from Inner Space, and "Lord General" in Weird Science! Vernon was a blast to speak with as he shared some incredible stories!

In our discussion, we talked about how he went from a singer to an actor,working with George Miller and Mel Gibson, the first scene he filmed in Commando where he met Arnold Schwarzenegger, the difference between voice work and screen work, and everything in between!

Let off some, steam, and give it a listen!

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