Spear Talk Podcast

Spear Talk Podcast
Episode: 39
  Feb 25, 2021   00:54:27

Spear Talk #39 – Sam J. Jones

For Spear Talk 39, we had the honor to talk with Sam J. Jones, who most will recognize as the iconic 'Flash Gordon" from the 1980 cult film! But did you know that Sam was a United States Marine or has spent close to 20 years as an executive protection agent, working in Mexico? This is a conversation that  is  equal parts funny and inspring!

In our talk, we cover what the character of "Flash Gordon" means to Sam and how it speaks to the common man or woman, his goal to play for the Seattle Seahawks, why he joined the Marine Corps, the reason he became a security professional, and some of the issues that people in the security industry often come across!

I had a blast with Sam!

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