Spear Talk Podcast

Spear Talk Podcast
Episode: 49
  Apr 29, 2021   00:53:45

Spear Talk #49 – Forrest Lang

For Spear Talk 49, we had the honor to speak with Forrest Lang, a veteran, tattooist, author, orphan, and victim of abuse! While some of this talk is sometimes tough to hear, it is a necessary discussion for everyone to listen. While Forrest's life has had its hardships and heartache, hearing Forrest talk about surviving the abuse in his life was incredibly motivating for me. This was an emotional talk that will benefit us all!

During this talk, we covered his upbringing with an abusive step-father, being molested by his foster mother, being homeless, his addiction, the death of his friend, military service, tattooing, and his never-ending quest to get his book, Angel Blue published!

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