Spear Talk Podcast

Spear Talk Podcast
Episode: 53
  May 27, 2021   01:02:16

Spear Talk #53 – Rick Alan Ross & Dean Blundell

For Spear Talk 53, we had the privilege  to speak with cult expert and author Rick Alan Ross and podcast personality and founder of his own podcast network, Dean Blundell! This was a fascinating talk that covered all things cults. I had done an appearance on Dean's own show where we tried to figure out what exactly makes up a cult, so it only made sense to bring an expert in cults to Spear Talk!

Our discussion covered various topics such as Rick's background in cults, to include his involvement in the Branch Davidans and NXIVM cases,what  the current "Q" or Qanon movement is, and the thought process behind other famous cults and cult leaders such as Jim Jones, Heaven's Gate, Charles Manson, and the Westboro Baptist Church! This was a fascinating Spear Talk that will certainly need a part two!

#rickalanross #cults #NXIVM

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