Spear Talk Podcast

Spear Talk Podcast
Episode: 62
  Jul 29, 2021   00:42:35

Spear Talk #62 – Clint Emerson

For Spear Talk 62, we sat down with New York Times best-selling author, crisis management professional, and retired US Navy SEAL, Clint Emerson! Clint just released his new book, "100 Deadly Skills: A Navy SEAL's Guide to Crushing Your Enemy, Fighting for Your Life, and Embracing Your Inner Badass"(Combat Edition), so he stopped by to talk about the book, his life, and everything in between! Did you know that Clint is the only US Navy SEAL to be inducted into the International Spy Museum?

In our discussion, we talked about how his company Escape The Wolf, LLC, handles crisis management for global companies, the nervousness of writing and dealing with criticism, why violence scares some people even when it comes to saving their own lives, and the importance of always learning, adapting, and training!

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