Spear Talk Podcast

Spear Talk Podcast
Episode: 65
  Aug 19, 2021   01:08:01

Spear Talk #65 – Dan Palacios

For Spear Talk 65, we had the honor of speaking with Dan Palacios, the founder of Live Kinetically, or you may know him as the "the Concierge of Calorie Burn" or "the Duke of Demonstration"! At the onset of the pandemic, while I was looking for ways to stay fit and focused on  my health, Dan was the first person I found on social media using the Chopfit, which I fell in love with!

In this discussion, we talk about how he got his start in fitness, the theory behind kinetic training, working out using various items such as Chopfit, battle ropes, tires, and large hammers, the importance of fitness when it comes to security and first responders, and training for American Ninja Warrior!

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