Spear Talk Podcast

Spear Talk Podcast
Episode: 68
  Aug 26, 2021   00:37:16

Spear Talk #66 – Nicole Apelian

For Spear Talk 66, we had the honor to speak with herbalist, biologist, anthropologist, author, and traditional skills instructor, Nicole Apelian! You may also recognize Nicole from two seasons of the hit television show, Alone (Season 2 and 5)!

In our discussion we talked about her being diagnosed with MS and she was able to use a holtistic approach to medicine as a means to revocer and battle the disease, what exactly holostic wellness is , the importance of learning how to forage, starting her own apothocary, and the differences between thriving and surviving! We had a blast with Nicole!

#nicoleapelian #holisticwellness #herbalist

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