Spear Talk Podcast

Spear Talk Podcast
Episode: 68
  Sep 09, 2021   00:48:09

Spear Talk #68 – Jack O’Halloran

For Spear Talk 68, we had the honor of having actor, author, and boxer, Jack O'Halloran on the show! Jack was a heavyweight boxing contender from 1966 - 1974, wherre he started his career 16-0 and eventually fought George Foreman. You will also recogize Jack as "Non" from Superman and Superman II, as well as various roles in Dragnet, Flintstones, Dragon Troll: World Chronicals, and Farewell, My Lovely!

In our discussion we tralked about his relationship with Muhammad Ali, what makes up the "fighting spirit", the legacy of his role in Superman and Superman II, the working relationship wth Christopher Reeve, and his book "Familly Legacy" where we talk about the relationship he had with his father and the mafia.

#jackohalloran #superman #muhammadali

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