Spear Talk Podcast

Spear Talk Podcast
Episode: 69
  Sep 16, 2021   00:56:42

Spear Talk #69 – Hakim Isler

For Spear Talk 69, we had the honor to talk with the "Black MacGuyver", ninja survivalist, and Army combat veteran, Hakim Isler. Hakim has appeared on Naked & Afraid, Naked & Afaid XL, is a 5th degree black belt in To-Shin Do (Ninjitsu), accomplished author, and philanthropist.

In our discussion, we talked how his upbringing and time in the U.S. Army help grow his appreciation for all things nature and surviavl, his training and relationship with Stephen K Hayes in the art of Ninjitsu,  his transition into the civilian life from the Army, and his time on Naked & Afraid!

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