The Dean Blundell Show

The Dean Blundell Show
Episode: 740
  Jun 30, 2022   8165

Spencer Rice (Kenny Vs Spenny) Vs Pink, Caryma Sa’d Live From Ottawa For The Canada Day Convoy, Pierre Polievre Marched With Anti-Canada Mouth Breathers

Big show today, kids!

#Spencer Rice (Spenny) is a Canadian sketch comedian and writer (Kenny VS #Spenny) joins us today.

Spenny upset #Pink (Yes THAT 'P!ink') over a Roe v Wade #tweet and he's VERY thankful #P!nk is a decent human who can take a joke. We asked what it was like taking heat from her 31.6 million followers.

Where has Spenny been? Where's Kenny? Still Friends?

Caryma is Live in #Ottawa for the #CanadaDayConvoy and the shit show is starting early.

Pierre Poilievere marched with the anti-Canada mouth breathers today promising to deliver us all from the clutches of Trudeau's devil-worshipping ways

We recap the Joe Carter Classic