Sports Honchos Podcast

Sports Honchos Podcast
  Dec 09, 2020   7045

Sports Honchos – Season 1 – Episode 11

The Sports Honchos - The lighter side of sports with your hosts Paul C. Cuthbert and Robert Kuney.

Your pals the Honchos gave you an extra large showgram this evening. After opening with a delightful tale from Taiwan about buying a PS5, they worked tirelessly through the following topics:

- The new Spiderman movie from the MCU
- A fan return survey
- The state of Super Bowl commercials in 2021
- The plans to start the MLS, NHL and NBA seasons.
- The drumbeat from the media and coaches to postpone the NCAA men's and women's basketball seasons.
- The NBA's gifts to its owners and players.
- The continuing saga of Ohio State, the Big 10 and the push to get the Buckeyes into the College Football Playoff.
- The NFL Roundup, including the benching of Wentz in Philly, more Covid problems for the Ravens, the teams to watch in the AFC and NFC, the continuing greatness of Coach Belechick, and of course Rob told everyone how great the NFC East is.
- The show wrapped with the Dope of the Week, and this week it was Tyreek Hill of the Kansas City Chiefs.

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