Sports Honchos Podcast

Sports Honchos Podcast
  Oct 14, 2020   4730

Sports Honchos – Season 1 – Episode 3

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Big night for the Honchos as the geese flew over their houses. The boys started with the MLB playoffs, the demise of the 2020 Yankees, the return of Tony LaRussa and they said goodbye to the great Joe Morgan. After diagnosing the self-esteem problems of LeBron James in the wake of the Lakers winning the NBA Championship, the Honchos talked a little NHL free agency.

The Honchos then turned the spotlight on football. After they looked at how Covid was impacting the SEC, they walked down the NFL path and looked at all of the big stories from off the field: no Pro Bowl, the release of Le'Veon Bell, the firing of Dan Quinn, the Dak Prescott injury, and, of course, more Washington Football Team therapy.

The Honchos wrapped up tonight's show with the Dope of the Week and an attempted tribute to Berta from "Two and a Half Men."

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