Sports Honchos Podcast

Sports Honchos Podcast
  Oct 28, 2020   5298

Sports Honchos – Season 1 – Episode 5

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Another jam-packed showgram from your honchos. Rob talked steak knives and Gilligan's Island to start the show before the boys dove headfirst into the World Series and a discussion of analytics in baseball and all sports.

Next the Honchos discussed the unique position of Jeremy Roenick and his claims against NBC. After paying tribute to the late Conchata Ferrell, the guys turned their attention to the NBA and NHL plans for restarting their respective seasons and what a non-bubble season would look like.

The show wrapped with a quick look at the NFL, including the Buccaneers and the Patriots moving in different directions, and then rounded home with the Dope of the Week.

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