Sports Honchos Podcast

Sports Honchos Podcast
  Nov 04, 2020   5674

Sports Honchos – Season 1 – Episode 6

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The Honchos sweated their way through another jam-packed show for you tonight. After discussing Daylight Savings Time and its impact on the TV schedule, Rob talked about endless meat and the 5 stages of grief.

Next they got into some media talk with stories about Kirk Herbstreit and Craig Carton. Tonight there was a lot of talk about second chances in sports and in life and the boys focused on Mitchell Miller, Tony LaRussa and AJ Hinch. There was a discussion of names and logos in sports and what they mean to their respective communities followed by some football chatter.

The college gridiron yak included Trevor Lawrence, the Wisconsin football team on hiatus. the Florida-Missouri brawl and all of it under the shadow of Covid-19. The NFL portion of the showgram has Steelers talk, Big Ben for MVP, and a comparison of prized rookies Justin Herbert and Joe Burrow.

The hilarity concluded with the Dope of the Week.

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