YWC Football Talk

YWC Football Talk
  Apr 23, 2021  

Teaser/Trailer — The Eager Beaver welcomes you to join him and his friends in the Beaver Lodge!

The True North Eager Beaver is a progressive yet non-partisan podcast version of our decade-old Facebook blog on Canadian politics and culture . We provide news curation, commentary, analysis, and interviews with a twist, an edge, and community which values intellectual honesty, vigorous, yet respectful, debate, and supportive environment. Throw in your 2 pennies (well perhaps a nickel now, eh?! - LOL). We value: 1) Integrity, honesty, transparency in governance; 2) Civil behaviour from those in the political scene; 3) Progressive solutions for social issues, 4) Fiscal responsibility, and 5) Respect of and for our institutions, system of governance, democracy, tax dollars, the voter, and the citizen. We wish to increase the political and media literacy of our listeners, for without these skills, it is easier for wool to be pulled over your eyes because we believe: "Democracy Is Something You Do!" Let us be your Emotional Support Canadians today.

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