The Dean Blundell Show

The Dean Blundell Show
Episode: 811
  Oct 27, 2022   5169

The Cheese Boutique & Doug Ford’s Cheesy Response To Appearing Before The EA Committee

Welcome to THURSDAY!!

No one pays enough attention to CHEESE. So, Dean and Ryan went to the centre of the cheese universe, Cheese Boutique, to touch Ben Affleck's personal cheese collection. Megan Markle's, too! Ryan is our foody blogger and he didn't know weather to eat or pleasure himself. Afrim Pristine is one of one Cheesemasters in Canada and we discuss our life-changing cheese experience.

Speaking of Cheese, how about Doug Ford's cheesy response to appearing before the EA committee to testify about why he let a bunch of Hillbillys illegally occupy Ottawa for three weeks last winter.