The Dean Blundell Show

The Dean Blundell Show
Episode: 827
  Nov 21, 2022   6691

The Demise Of Twitter With Tech Expert Jesse Miller

Who better than Social Media Expert/Educator Jesse Miller to break down this weekend's exciting demise of Twitter and the hate factory it is becoming?

- NAACP, CBS, NBC, Apple Execs, and a suite of big-name media tech outlets have completely dropped Twitter as a media strategy.

- Elon unblocking and baiting a PILE of dangerous alt-right assholes like Jordan Peterson, Donald trump, and Kanye.

- Trump says he's not interested in Tweeting but we break down the REAL reason he can't. It would cost him and his friend MILLIONS

- Elon REALLY tried to bait trump into coming back with a sacrilegious meme Dean really likes and now Evangelical America is turning on him. Honestly,

- Rumours of Apple dropping Twitter from the APP STORE Means Twitter won't be around much longer if Tim Cook gets his way.