The Dean Blundell Show

The Dean Blundell Show
Episode: 803
  Oct 14, 2022   7345

The #FluTruxKlan’s Convoy Hearing & The Use Of The Emergencies Act

Welcome to Friday!

Here we are, in the most free country in the world, Canada, watching a bunch of evangelical extremists and rednecks on trial for taking over our nation's capital and why that was bad. Seriously.

The #FluTruxKlan's Convoy Hearing into the use of the Emergencies Act to clear out a couple of thousand piss-drunk zealots and religious extremists occupying the nation's capital for over a month. Like it was a fucking drop-in center for people addicted to trailer parks.

Counter-terror expert Mubin Shaikh and Convoy journo/Lawyer Caryma Sa'd join us to break down the first two days of testimony AND the perception war being waged by complete and total fucking losers online. Seriously. Twitter is a sewer right now.

Who wants top eat Pumpkin spiced Bologna? Anyone??

And Lochlin finally parted with his CD wall. You'll never guess how much he got for 1000 shiny coasters.