The Dean Blundell Show

The Dean Blundell Show
  Dec 21, 2022   7384

The Leafs Are On A Heater With Broadcast Legend Paul Hendrick, MUSE Massage Parlor & Setting Up Jimmy With A Sex Professional

Welcome to the Wednesday before Xmas and all through the house. All the creatures are stirring because the Leafs are on a goddamned heater, and Dean thinks it's sustainable.

The former TV host of the Leafs, the legendary Paul Hendrick, joins us to talk about the 2023 Maple Leafs, his 41-year TV career, pandemic retirement, and what he misses most.

What are the stories of the 2023 Leafs he thinks are this year's difference makers?

Marner's streak?

The goaltending duo of Matt Murray and Samsonov?

Why Henny left broadcasting (he loves his family, spoiler alert).

James P White from The Jedi Jimmy podcast joins us to discuss his Xmas special. James is also looking for love this holiday season, so we're setting him up with a sexual professional at MUSE massage parlor, and today, Jimmy gets to rattle off some FAQ with Emily, who joins us live.

Fewer people believe in God than ever before, says EVERY NEW STUDY. Dean explains why as we countdown to the last show of the year!