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True North Eager Beaver
Episode: 149
  Jan 16, 2023   2068

The Not Quite Daily Beaver Presents — Blue Monday 2023

Hey Kits, 

Well, it's Blue Monday, and Mr. Grizzly is flying solo. Mr. Beaver is travelling today and is regrettably unavailable.

 In sports news, the Buffalo Bills managed to eek out a win against a Miami team that really showed up. The Minnesota Vikings earned a defeat on a 4th down & 8 play by throwing the ball 3 yards down field... At this writing the outcome of the Baltimore Cincinnati game has yet to be determined.  

Jagmeet Singh seems to be determined to commit political suicide by constantly slagging the Liberal party, that he is in a budgetary & confidence agreement with... 

Pierre Poilievre spent time this weekend with a group of anti-Indigenous, anti-vax, covid denialist scumbags, further convincing this Grizzly Bear that he is... well, YOU know. 

I'll do my best to inform & entertain you, here we gooooooo!

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Not everyone can do everything. But everyone can do something.

Since we believe that Democracy Is Something You Do...

The annual report from Second Harvest shoes that visits to food banks has been skyrocketing up from 2 million visitors a year (pre-pandemic), to 5 million visits a year (today), with the expectation they will rise to 8 million in the coming year. Certain food banks are actually in debt due to the rising cost of food. Please consider a donation to your local food bank or soup kitchen.


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Recording Date January 16, 2023

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