The Dean Blundell Show

The Dean Blundell Show
Episode: 807
  Oct 21, 2022   8020

Tom Morazzo (Convoy Organizer) Vs Blue Jacket Guy LIVE

DBS welcomes Convoy Organizer Tom Marrazo back to the show. Tom thinks dean is insane because he's vaccinated and thinks Vaxxed people will be dead in 5 years. He's been following the Convoy Hearing in Ottawa, cheerleading and forwarding stories about weird legal victories, and how the convoy was peaceful while blaming Police for not policing them.

We're introducing him to Paul Atkinson, Blue Jacket Guy who rose to convoy fame when he gave some freedumbers a civics lesson at the top of his lungs at midnight in February. He has a bone to pick with Tom, and Tom doesn't know he's taking part in the interview. Also, Paul isn't happy about any of it. Should be FUN!!!

Caryma jumps in to discuss from a legal standpoint and to share her experiences against Toms.