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The Mark and HooGie Show
Episode: 7
  Jul 30, 2020   00:48:45

Tommy Vext

Bad Wolves has become one of the biggest new rock acts to hit break through in the past few years. Their cover of the classic Cranberries tune "Zombie" went to #1 on the Mainstream Rock Charts... and stayed there for 3 weeks! 

This week, we chat with Bad Wolves singer, Tommy Vext, about the current state of the world and music. Plus, which part of the song "Zombie" was Delores O'Rioridan supposed to sing... Tommy gives us a freestyle rap... and what is planned for the future of Bad Wolves? 

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Theme Music by Two Heads Music Credit: Ricky G Sanders / Christopher T McLernon 

Commercial Music: Written and Recorded by Jason Sadites 

Art Director: Wesley SKETCH Bailey Bad Wolves 

Music Video Footage courtesy Tommy Vext (Instagram @TommyVext) and Better Noise Music. 

News articles courtesy CTV News and Business Insider

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