True North Eager Beaver

True North Eager Beaver
Episode: 124
  Dec 02, 2022   2205

True North Eager Beaver Media Presents — The (not quite) daily beaver — Friday morning nibble!

Morgan Freeman was trending on twitter, which is always a worrisome thing... Start breathing, he's ok, he's just a popular fella. It's Britney Spears birthday, she's 41 today... Breathe. Kyle Rittenhouse is trending, as he quotes scripture and pretends to be a Christian; he's a Christo-Fascist, hateful A-hole. Neuralink, a product thought be vaporware, from megalomaniac Elon Musk, may turn out to be a real thing, however, who want's to implant a computer chip into your brain? Not this Grizzly bear. For many of us, the weekend starts in 8 hours, raise your glass! Huzzah, 'tis Friday kits, here we gooooooo!

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