The Dean Blundell Show

The Dean Blundell Show
Episode: 768
  Aug 16, 2022   6610

Trump, Hockey Canada, Lisa LaFlamme VS Bell, Who Is Michael Melling & Lochlin VS His Coworkers

Well, well, well. Our sports director is back to talk about who is watching the world jr Hockey Championships in August. The Answer? Not us, and Ray explains why.

The public firing of Canada's NUMBER ONE primetime news show has been hilarious. We dig into the story and introduce you to the dude who fired her. Turns out he got bullied a lot in High School, so there's that.

Lochlin's bosses at his day ob have asked him to conduct interviews with people in his company he doesn't know. He wants to do a kind of 'get to know us' exercise on the show instead, so he doesn't have to do all the work. We'll chat with radio guy Shawn Crites who does a morning show in Fort McMurray (Dean and Loch both worked there)