The Dean Blundell Show

The Dean Blundell Show
Episode: 755
  Jul 22, 2022   8552

Trump Outakes/Pierre Poilievere With David Moscrop, Naked Teeth Brushing, Rage Against The Machine Concert Review & First Time Parenting Tips

"THE" David Moscrop is looking to beef and that's where we find him today. In his condo with spotty WIFI, a cocktail and a serious bent for Canada's Telco Oligopoly, Pierre Poilieveres fear based populism. Is He Skinny Trump?

Speaking of Trump the J6 Hearing yesterday pretty much laid out Trump world. From Trumps outtakes to the detailed look at what he did during the 187 minutes of terror in the capitol building, Trump organized the coup attempt and admitted it in a statement today that should have psychiatrists excited. We go over Josh Hawley's 40 meter dash to safety, Trumps outtakes and the bleed through behind that same ideology in Canada.

Loch is on some new meds and Dean wants to know why loch has to be naked to brush his teeth

Rookie stops by the discuss going to Rage Against The Machine and becoming a first time parent