The Dean Blundell Show

The Dean Blundell Show
  Dec 09, 2022   6481

Twitter Files, Shadow Banned, Justin Bourne & Colin Livingstone from Cantorque

Well, Hello, Friends!

It's Friday, and we're tackling some BIG stuff today

Elon's Twitter Files Dump 2 might have been more pointless than the first Twitter files dump.

Bari Weiss tweeted the thread last night, and it was Performative GARBAGE. Elon's said he's going to shadowban everyone and demonetize/blacklist posts, so imagine my surprise when Bari's entire thread was about how Twitter's blacklisted and shadowbanned Twitter accounts going forward. We talk to Scott about his Hero forcing employees to sleep in conference rooms, and Twitter's cleaning crew is pissed. Dean shares his Elon Theory. It's probably true.

Justin Bourne is the son of Bob Bourne, former NHLr and Stanley Cup champion announced he's an alcoholic and four years sober. It's a big move for anyone who's decided to stop drinking. It's one thing to stop and another to announce it to the world when you're a big-time sports journalist and NHL analyst. Dean suffers from the same affliction and talks about living your sobriety out loud and the heroic nature of sharing failure.

And Alberta is going through some things. Lochlin provides A LOT of positive PR for a province that is trying to separate from Canada. Colin Livingstone from Cantorque (in Alberta) joins us to see if Lochlin is snowing us about a province that hates the rest of Canada.