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The Dean Blundell Show
Episode: 683
  Apr 19, 2022   6226

Ukraine Sinking Russian War Ships/Willow Sunday & How You Can Help With Alex Dayrabekov, Shit We Didn’t Get To & Alex Jones Files For Bankrupsy

There's a lot of terrible news coming out of Ukraine. Today we tried to focus on some of the good news. Like Alex's love of Apricot trees and Willow Sunday. It's been amazing to see Alex tries to keep come comforts close while a war rages around him.

- Ukrainian sinking Russian only decent warship, The Moskva. How the fuck did 2 missiles take down a billion dollar merchant of death?

- Clean up continues in Ukraine. Bucha and Irpin (Alex's home town) are preparing for people to come home and the before and after pictures and videos are INCREDIBLE.

- The Pink Floyd church service in Warsaw for the people of Ukraine was BANGING this weekend!

- Ukrainian's are using stolen Russian war equipment as limo's for weddings?

The recovery of parts of Ukraine comes with some really tough news too. We talk to Alex about the 1000's of dead civilians, neighbors and friends receiving a proper burial after the Russian genocide of his people.

- How YOU can help Alex feed and cloth his countrymen? Please donate here and buy yourself a Slava Ukraine shirt! 100% of the proceeds goes to help bomb shelter victims and feed Ukrainian soldiers and warriors.

Alex Jones just filed for Bankruptcy. Ryan is along to take us through how much he owes to who and if this means Alex is done or just hiding what he has (he's hiding it all).

New Feature "Shit, we didn't get to":

- Brittlestar's mom is ready for topless season?

- Qanon members are spreading hate speech on planes and movie theaters to 'trapped' people. The videos are fucking hilarious.

- Dog steroids are a thing?