The Dean Blundell Show

The Dean Blundell Show
Episode: 640
  Feb 28, 2022   7175

#Ukraine VS #Russia With Army Kris, The Leaky Tank Is Gross, Randy Hillier Is A Coward And Gone & Rookie Vs White Women

Update on the #RussianInvasion of #Ukraine with 25 Canadian military combat vet Army Kris from the Fire For Effect Podcast.

#Ukrainians are stealing abandoned #Russian tanks and armored cars making TikTok videos.

The #RussianEmbassy in Canada put out a batshit crazy letter about the ethnic cleansing of #Ukraine, then deleted it. When will Canada send those pricks back to Russia?

Rookie Vs. vs virtue signaling white women

The Leaky Tank (shitty Sarnia restaurant) put a Pro Putin message on their specials board below the banana bread french toast. Meet the owner, Karen Fuckface.

#Trump think s the US should invade Canada.