The Dean Blundell Show

The Dean Blundell Show
Episode: 651
  Mar 15, 2022   9425

Ukrainian Invasion Update W Alex Dayrabekov, No More Mask/Vaccine Mandates With Dr.Mario Elia & Lochlin LOVES Curling

#Russias invasion of #Ukriane continues and our friend Alex @Dayrabekov still ain't leaving. Days are filled with fighting to survive, he's losing friends and after 20 days of fighting he joins us to update you on the condition of Ukraine and Ukrainians.

Dr. Mario Elia joins us to break down our new mandate-less existence. Should we be wearing masks? SHould we be worried about the lockdown and surge of stealth omicron in China and Denmark, and Sweden and any other country dumb enough to drop simple guidelines?

#Lochlin went curling this week and he's a fucking NATURAL. How drunk do you need to be to enjoy curling? Loc'r has the answer!