The Dean Blundell Show

The Dean Blundell Show
Episode: 606
  Jan 06, 2022   6517

Vaccine Mules, A Story You Have To Hear To Believe, John Stewart VS Jk Rowling Is NOT A Thing, Introducing The Sheepking & Ava-Mae’s Heartbreaking Death

#VaccineMules are replacing drug mules in Canada and the story is WILD. Anti-vaxxers are paying the less fortunate 2k a pop to get vaccinated for them for the QR code. For real.

#JonStewart VS JK Rowling is NOT a thing. Woke Media want's to destroy the world for clicks and we know why.

#SHEEPKING is joining the network and he's every idiot's worst nightmare.

#AVA-MAE's heartbreaking death, we hope you feel this today. It could have been avoided.

Please donate to #Ava-Mae and her family's GoFundMe account: