Minimal Filters

Minimal Filters
Episode: 34
  Jun 21, 2022   3343

We Answer Fan Questions & We Tell You What Makes You Look Cool.

On todays podcast, which is episode number 34, we bring back one of our OG segments with ASK.MF where Nathan and I go through a list of both intellectual questions, as well ass stupid questions asks by you, the fans.

Then, also back to our routes we go over another NAILS this week where we both give our TOP 5  “Things that make you look cool”. 

And lastly, we rinse off this podcast with our shower thoughts of the day.

Time Stamps:

02:36 - Night at the Back Alley.

07:24 - Dumb ASK.MF questions.

22:57 - Intellectual ASK.MF questions.

41:41 - NAILS of Things That Look Cool

52:34 - Shower thought of the day.