The Dean Blundell Show

The Dean Blundell Show
Episode: 636
  Feb 21, 2022   7790

What’s Next For FLuTruxKlan, Tamara Lich Bail Hearing Was Comedy Gold, Caryma Gets Harassed By Neckbeard Scum & Arrest Randy HIllier

#FluTruxKlan members have left #Ottawa and are 'regrouping'. What do they have planned next?

#TamaraLich bail hearing details. She's insane but her husband is certifiably dumb.

#PatKing has his bail hearing tomorrow and there might be a media blackout.

No, Canada is NOT freezing bank accounts of Canadians 'just because'.

When will RCMP #ArrestRandyHillier and #MaximeBernier

Body parts we've smelled we don't want to admit to smelling.

Allie Marz wants to be a TV star and she's SOOOOOO close!