The Dean Blundell Show

The Dean Blundell Show
Episode: 726
  Jun 08, 2022   6627

Who Ruined Cannabis In Canada/We Need Real Edibles/The Cannabiz With Matt Lemers, The LIV Golf Tour With Rod Black & Burger Kings Double Bottoms Burger Is Causing Problems

DBS welcomes Cannabis journalist, Editor, and reporter from MJbiz Online, Matt Lemers, to the show.

Matt keeps an eye on the business of the Cannabis industry in Canada and North America and he's on the tip!

- Who wrecked the Cannabis rollout in Canada

- What continues to be the most dominating negative factors in Canada's Cannabis Economy?

- When will we see REAL edibles in Canada?

Sports broadcasting Legend, Rod Black jumps on to talk about the INSANITY behind the LIV Golf Tour.

- Is it JUST about money?

- DJ resigned from the PGA tour

- Bryson may be next

- What effect will playing in a startup golf league paid for by a murderous Suadi Regime have on the legacy of the players who jumped ship?

- Alejandro Kirk (I had to squeeze in an Alejandro Kirk question here. The dude is 16 for his last 36 and the best player in MLB baseball right now. At 5'8, 240, that's something.

- More proof that if you get attacked by a wild animal at a zoo, that's a YOU problem

- Burger King's tops and bottoms only Pride Month Whoppers are causing a problem with people who don't have a sense of humor