The Dean Blundell Show

The Dean Blundell Show
Episode: 806
  Oct 20, 2022   4703

WTF Is Going On In Alberta, Who Is Danielle Smith & Sexy Spiderman

Let's all take a deep breath for the province of AB.

Imagine if the head of your house hold left and whoever was next in line got to change all the rules for just the dumb kids on day one. Then imagine that leader of your household has deeply held anti-democratic, extremist views and hates you but loves Jesus and other dumb people.

That's the Premier of Alberta, Danielle Smith: A hard-line religious extremist who likes Putin, hates science and wants Alberta to leave Canada. I don't disagree for different reasons. Lead Columnist Max Fawcett joins us to deconstruct the symptom of Danielle Smith and should the rest of Canada be prepared for extremist governance.

Is what's happening in England the Future of Canadian Politics and how Albertans look at Jamie Sale and Theo Fleury for REAL.