The Dean Blundell Show

The Dean Blundell Show
Episode: 823
  Nov 15, 2022   7910

WTF Is Up With Pronouns??

Today is a goooood day. Tuesday, I believe.

#CarymaRules joins us with Douglas Connors from our @TrueEager podcast to talk PRONOUNS!!

- How do you pick them?

- Who gets what?

- Can anyone pick a pronoun, and should we randomly ask people what their pronouns are?

- What happens if you ask someone about their pronouns and they fucking lose it?

- Safe spaces for who?

Nick Cannon welcomed his 12th bastard into the world with his 5th different baby mama this week. Should Nick and Elon get clipped with the world's population hitting 8 billion?

Speaking of Elon, he's now firing Twitter employees after going through emails and their slack channels. If you shit-talked Elon, you got fired yesterday.