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Episode: 26
  Jan 14, 2019   01:24:19

#26 Podcast with Daren Millard

It’s Tuesday. You know what that means. You beautiful listeners get a healthy dose of Dean and Daren. The fellas don’t like going to parties or meeting/making small talk with new people. They only talk when someone pays them to. If you don’t remember someones name after 30 seconds you don’t care. The boys play... podcast
Episode: 26
  Jan 14, 2019   00:47:38

Bonus Episode: Podcast With Daren Millard

Because we love you so much and we understand how much Mondays suck we decided to grace your ears with a bonus episode of The Podcast with Daren Millard……hold for applause. In this bonus episode our good friend psychic Nikki comes by and blows our mind with a bunch of predictions for 2019. We... podcast
Episode: 25
  Jan 11, 2019   00:48:24

#25 Podcast With Daren Millard

Wow! We made it to episode 25! That’s a milestone right? Daren had to flee to the beautiful and frigid east coast for a speaking engagement. We decided, Daren doesn’t get any days off and got him and Matthew Barnaby on the phone for a dirty 3 way….call. The boys discuss running all over Toronto... podcast
Episode: 24
  Jan 08, 2019   01:00:53

#24 Podcast With Daren Millard

We made it to episode 24 everyone! Dean talks Drake and the time he groped an underage girl in 2010 on stage at a concert. A 56-year old man pleasures himself outside the women’s washroom. Dean is afraid of cats and has a minor stroke when Darens cat jumps on his computer during the show.... podcast
Episode: 23
  Jan 04, 2019   01:07:04

#23 Podcast With

Dean and Daren can’t pay for gas. We are formatting our show with a beginning, middle and end. Kind of. Team Canada lost in the quarter finals, we discuss. Dean doesn’t know who is in and out of the world junior tournament. We play guess the semi finals. The Leafs have goalie issues, we break... podcast
Episode: 22
  Jan 01, 2019   01:01:46

#22 DeanBlundell Podcast With Daren Millard

Happy New Year loyal listeners. Welcome to first Dean Blundell Podcast of 2019. The boys talk stage names, hiding behind your computer screen, spank the monkey, New Years Eve resolutions/ parties, Uber drivers with attitude and robberies gone horribly wrong. Daren is honest about working on the podcast and gets burned by Dennis Hull at... podcast
Episode: 21
  Dec 28, 2018   01:09:19

#21 Podcast With Daren Millard

Happy Friday people! We managed to get Dean and Daren out of their holiday hibernation to put together episode 21 for your listening pleasure. The boys get into aliens, shitty Christmas conversations, weed at Christmas parties and Daren off the grid. Daren tells a hilarious beer league story involving a shot of the mask and... podcast
Episode: 20
  Dec 21, 2018   01:24:06

#20 Podcast With Daren Millard

Well hello there beautiful fan base. It’s finally here, after a year of waiting, the new website is up and running! Oh, you didn’t think we were talking about Christmas did you? Today on the show the guys discuss fears and phobias, vinyl, marriages and getting asked to MC a wedding. Dean tells quite... podcast
Episode: 19
  Dec 21, 2018   00:57:20

#19 Podcast With Daren Millard

It’s Tuesday everyone and you know what means. Dean and Daren have returned for their highly anticipated 19th episode of the Podcast With Daren Millard. Today the boys talk everything Toronto Maple Leafs including offer sheets, general managers being in cahoots, negotiating during the season and who is the best player on the team.... podcast
Episode: 18
  Dec 21, 2018   01:17:38

#18 Podcast With Daren Millard

Well hello, you. Let’s talk. You guys are terrific. Thanks so much for downloading our podcast on iTunes. Let’s dive right in shall we. Yunno that loser at the party you try to get away from? You know the one. Here Daren, Rookie and I do a little role-playing to give you a perfect example... podcast
Episode: 16
  Dec 11, 2018   01:25:55

#17 Podcast With Daren Millard

It’s Tuesday everyone and Dean and Daren are here to brighten up your day. The boys get into it and talk about their kids in activities, porch pirates, fart chambers and parenting. Daren takes his daughters to Model School. Does putting hockey skates on turn the nicest people into complete assholes? We discuss. Speaking of... podcast
Episode: 16
  Dec 07, 2018   01:28:17

#16 Podcast With Daren Millard (12-07-18)

We made it to a Friday people! And what a Friday it is. We talk Nylander debut and the Leafs performance last night. The boys get serious and talk domestic abuse in sports, specifically the Kareem Hunt situation. Will he ever play in the NFL again? Kevin Hart steps down as Oscars host because of... podcast
Episode: 15
  Dec 04, 2018   01:11:00

#15 Podcast With Daren Millard

Your commute just got a whole lot better. Dean and Daren are back for a wild episode 15. The boys talk music, Tool, booze, and believe it or not Daren swears for the first time on the podcast. Seriously. Seattle has a hockey team! What will they be named. We dish on that and everything... podcast
Episode: 14
  Nov 30, 2018   01:22:12

#14 Podcast With Daren Millard

SKIDOOSH! Today we plowed into a tweet from someone who sent a pic of the MLSE plane on the way to Sweden to pick up Nylander and Daren Isn’t happy with me thinking this is a done deal! Alex Beaton from the Next Step stops by and talks to us about the #MeToo movement, women... podcast
Episode: 12
  Nov 27, 2018   01:38:52

#12 Podcast with Daren Millard (11-27-2018)

Dean & Daren Tackle serial killer dreams, bad pxp guys, Nylander at the airport, Marner is better than Nylander, why Dean NEVER listens to the radio. We were all over the ice today. It’s all unedited because this is how life happens kids. We also profile the average female Flyers fan. Nailed it.