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Video: Dude’s Roman Polak Impression Is Fucken Bang On

Video: Dude’s Roman Polak Impression Is Fucken Bang On


Other than lighting his own house on fire at the same time, this might be the best Roman Polak Impression you see today.

Tim Besecker lives in Virgina and took the opportunity to do his best Roman Polak impression before work yesterday.

He takes a million stupid penalties, he’s terrible in his own end, he’s also slow and has no offensive upside either.  Just what a young fast smart team needs.

Roman Put one in his own net and was fucking atrocious again yesterday.  Either he has naked pictures of Lou with a cucumber, dressed like Mr. Magoo slathered in peanut butter or every other D in the Leafs system is dead.

Leafs lost.  By one.

BTW @theflintor might be the best leafs follow on twitter.



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