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Prince Harry Just Gave Melania Trump The Shocker

Prince Harry Just Gave Melania Trump The Shocker

Prince Harry is in Toronto kicking off his brainchild legacy project “The Invictus Games.”  Today he met with FLOTUS Melania Trump and they had a photo op.  In the Video, something happened that no news outlet covered or anyone picked up on other than me because my mind never stops looking for shit that should be exposed.  Peoples weaknesses and signals are my specialties.

Call me intuitive AF but I’m almost 100% sure Prince Harry just told the world that Melania Trump is “shocker worthy.  Here’s the video proof.

The look on his face is the greatest too.   It says “I have bars of soap that are smarter than this woman but I still would”

That’s what he’s telling his pals back home by giving the “Semi Shocker” in the pic.

I know the in the pink looks like one in the pink but you never go full shocker in an international picture of goodwill.  Ever, and Prince big dick knows that so he’s cleverly alluding to the Shockski.  That’s a fact.  

In this mega close-up we’ve zoomed in on the sexual gesture in question and if this isn’t definitive proof I dont know what is.  Everyman knows it so if you’re reading this and you’re a female, ask a man, and he’s lying if he says no.

Prince Harry has probably smashed more than we could imagine and he’s the coolest Royal on the planet so I highly doubt he’s concerned with what we think or catching shit from some nerds that dont get the humor. That makes this Stealth Shocker so impressive.  Doesn’t have to hide it but he does cuz he’s Prince Fucking Harry.

Well played kid.

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