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Raps Improve To NBA Best 11-1 After Thumping Sacramento And Pascal Siakam Is Turning Into A Player

Raps Improve To NBA Best 11-1 After Thumping Sacramento And Pascal Siakam Is Turning Into A Player

The Raptors wrapped up their west coast swing by fisting another team, this time the much improved Sacramento Kings, 114-105.

Check out the distribution of minutes and scoring last night:

Six guys scored 10 or more pts and Nick Nurse deserves a shit pile of credit for spreading minutes as he continues to separate himself from Dwyane Casey’s ride or die mentality.

Kyle Lowry has turned into Steve Nash, and Kawhi Is Kawhi, but gather around Pascal Siakam for a second.

Pascal is on a goddamn rocket ship to stardom.  It doesn’t matter who he plays with, he’s effective.  He’s the most athletically gifted player on the floor on any given night and can play three positions.  He runs like a PG and finishes like a big.

Siakam can run the floor, handle the ball, and takes high percentage shots (8-11 last night) and apparently never gets tired.  He’s also made the most of his time in the absence of a resting or injured Kawhi Leonard averaging (almost) a double/double.

Toronto has bucked the trend of shitty late first rounders too, choosing to develop guys with potential instead of cutting bait if they can’t contribute.  The player still has to be able to play, and that’s what’s impressive about Pascal.  He rises to the occasion almost clueless about the stage he’s on, and flat-out does his job.

Playing time in the NBA is merit-based more than ever and in the words of Josh Donaldson, “This isn’t the try league, it’s the get it done league.”

That’s what Siakam does.  He gets it done and can only get better.

BTW the raps 11-1 record is tops in the NBA and they’re only getting better.  Suck on that today.




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