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Remember Me: Chris Bosh Is Close To Signing With The Lakers

Remember Me: Chris Bosh Is Close To Signing With The Lakers

Source: When LeBron James won his first title he wouldn’t have been able to do it without Chris Bosh next to him. The former Heat star was the perfect modern-day big man to work with James’ skills. The two played well together in Miami and were a monstrous combo on defense.

Unfortunately, their pairing only lasted four years with James leaving Miami for Cleveland and Bosh’s career tragically cut short by blood clots. Bosh last played in the NBA in the 2015-16 season before he was to leave the game indefinitely due to his medical condition. Bosh has been adamant that he can make an NBA return some day.

According to Sean Deveney of Sporting News, that return could come sooner than some are expecting. Bosh wants to make his case for why he should be allowed to rejoin the NBA, and the Lakers are a team that happens to fit him perfectly.

Rob Pelinka, now the Lakers’ general manager, was Bosh’s agent before he had to retire, and has a close connection with Bosh. Earlier this season, Bosh worked out at the Lakers’ practice facility, raising some questions about a possible future with the Lakers.  

A return would be a huge accomplishment for Bosh. His career was presumed dead, but now he could return to the NBA and play with an old teammate in LeBron James? That would be fun to see. If he were to make his return to the NBA, it would probably be on a minimum deal.

Right now, the Lakers do have a spot for Bosh. They’re a little full in the frontcourt, but a stretch big man would fit the current roster they have well. However, they would have five centers on the roster if they added Bosh, and CBS Sports James Herbert wrote about why that might not work well.

Still, in Bosh’s case, the Lakers might be willing to push their roster to the limit. He hasn’t been in the NBA for a bit, but the upside of what he can do would be well worth the risk. 

If Chris Bosh is healthy again, the Lakers have a steal on their hands.

Blood clots are scary stuff and can derail your life at rapid speed. Just to see Bosh back on the court would be a win.

Fuck the Lakers, and come north CB4.

Low-risk signing for a potential of some high rewards, anyone? The Raps did just lose one of their best bigs, so adding Bosh to the mix would help secure some depth up front.

Again,  assuming he’s healthy.

Bosh is back…..we hope.



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