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Roberto Osuna’s Girlfriend Won’t Testify So He Goes Free And There’s Not A Goddamned Thing Anyone Can Do About it

Roberto Osuna’s Girlfriend Won’t Testify So He Goes Free And There’s Not A Goddamned Thing Anyone Can Do About it

Unless you think this was all made up.  Then you’re stupid.

Source  –  The domestic assault charge against Astros reliever Roberto Osuna was withdrawn in Canadian court on Tuesday after available evidence yielded there was “no reasonable prospect of conviction.”

Osuna entered into a one-year peace bond, akin to a restraining order in the United States.

The peace bond prohibits him from contacting the alleged victim without her written consent for one year and mandates he continue counselling.

“By signing this peace bond today … I wish to make it clear that there is no admission of criminal or civil responsibility or liability by Mr. Osuna,” Osuna’s lawyer, Domenic Basile, said in court.

Osuna faced the charge after an alleged altercation on May 8 with the mother of his 3-year-old son. The woman returned to Mexico shortly thereafter and has not returned, Crown prosecutor Catherine Mullaly said during her four-minute remarks which opened the hearing.

The alleged victim told prosecutors she would not testify if the case went to trial and “wished to resume contact and parenting responsibilities” with Osuna.

“She hoped this case would be concluded quickly so that could happen,” Mullaly said. “She had no fear for her safety.”

In the words of Malcolm X “…during the few moments we have left, we wanna talk right down to earth in a language that everyone here can easily understand.”

Roberto Osuna hurt his girlfriend, and the mother of his child and the peace bond acknowledges a domestic incident happened.

Her refusal to testify means the prosecution has no case, therefore, he goes free if he completes court-mandated counseling which he will not do now he’s in the states, and she’s in Mexico.

His lawyer’s assertion that it’s not an admission of guilt is a fucking joke based on the peace bond Osuna signed, yet technically correct.  You can blame his GF, but she got hustled by Osuna and is probably scared shitless so she caved so Osuna gets to continue on his merry way and the hearts of domestic violence victims everywhere sink.

The legal system blows and despite what you’re told isn’t there to protect those who can’t protect themselves.  It’s there to manipulated and protect those with enough money to hijack the legal system to avoid doing the right thing.

Osuna won in every way.  Like it or not that’s my take away.  He showed no regret or remorse for hurting his girlfriend and paid everyone to make it go away.  His punishment?

Being healthy for a World Series contender and a new start where he never has to be accountable for being the dirty pile of human garbage he is.




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