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Rogers Put’s The Blue Jays Up For Sale To Pay For Hockey Rights?

Rogers Put’s The Blue Jays Up For Sale To Pay For Hockey Rights?

Rogers Communications, the Canadian telecommunications company that owns the Toronto Blue Jays, is considering a possible sale of the team, as Natalie Wong of Bloomberg writes. At this point, it seems the potential move is merely in the conceptual stage.

Rogers CFO Tony Staffieri suggests that the entity is pondering the sale in order to raise funds for other initiatives. Other significant Rogers investments are also under consideration for sale, so it seems the broader strategic considerations are driving the company more than any particular consideration tied to the ballclub.

That said, there’s little doubt that Rogers is also aware of the potential to lock in a massive gain on its initial purchase of the Jays. Back in 2000, an eighty percent stake cost just $112MM. Given that a struggling Marlins franchise just went for $1.2B, it stands to reason that Canada’s only MLB team — a marketing juggernaut with excellent attendance figures even in losing seasons and robust profitability in winning campaigns — would fetch quite a bit more.

Clearly, there’s little reason to think that any sale effort is imminent, let alone a deal itself. But it’s plenty significant that ownership has floated the idea since that’ll surely function as an initial gauge of market interest and value.

In the meantime, it’s naturally fair to wonder how the higher-level business maneuverings might trickle down to the baseball operations. Perhaps the likeliest scenario, though, is to anticipate a continuation of the recent past. Even in the Marlins’ situation, the club waited to make major changes in the lead-up to the sale. Here, there’s good cause to think the Jays will continue their trajectory of attempting to contend while also being notably mindful of maintaining future financial flexibility and building up their farm.

if Ross Atkins and Mark Shapiro have anything to do with it, the Jays won’t contend for another decade, so maybe there’s a deal to be had for a shrewd billionaire.
An unnamed source said, “The NHL deal continues to cause financial bleeding in the organization and selling the Blue Jays is the biggest finger they have to plug the hole.”
Long rumored to be handcuffed by the 5.2 billion dollar deal ROGERS signed with the NHL, ROGERS has steadfastly denied allegations they are losing money.
I just hope someone with vision, balls and a massive wallet buys the team.  I don’t care if they are Canadian, American or Armenian.  Most hope for a Canadian to buy the team and that will be the rallying cry for the stupid.  I just want someone who gives a shit about winning and removes Shapiro Atkins like warts they are.
Watching them fuck up the Encarnacion deal in favor of Kendrys Morales then piecemeal a team together with Steve Pearce was enough to make a baseball fan sick.
The fun part will be watching Bell and Rogers war over who gets to carry the games.   It would be nice if someone who doesn’t have a broadcasting license in their portfolio buys them.  Then people who carry the games can finally be honest without fear of it being called a “Non Story.’
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