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Ronda Rousey set to leave MMA for WWE

Ronda Rousey set to leave MMA for WWE

Ronda Rousey set to leave MMA for WWE

Ronda Rousey set to leave MMA for WWE

Ronda Rousey’s career in MMA is done.

According to sources, the former UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion is in the process of finalizing a contract that would officially make her a professional wrestler with the WWE.

Ronda has been working out at the WWE’s Performance Center, and has appeared at the WWE’s Mae Young Classic tournament. It’s even rumoured that Rousey has already been booked for a potential match at WrestleMania 34 in New Orleans.

In the words of Nate Diaz, “I’m not surprised mother [email protected]#%er’s”.

And I’m not. It’s quite clear that Rousey has zero interest in fighting again. It was clear after Holly Holm knocked her into oblivion at UFC 193. After that loss, Ronda went into a deep depression and we didn’t see or hear from her for almost a year.

It was over a year later that we finally saw her in the octagon again at UFC 207. And that night did not end well for her either. Rousey was completely embarrassed and knocked unconscious in the first round.

And yet again, she went into hiding. The woman who proclaimed to young girls that you can’t be a “do nothing [email protected]#$%”, became exactly that.

Ultimately Ronda was a bully. She never evolved and her armbar was no longer a viable weapon. She dominated women’s MMA when the competition was suspect, and now that the game has caught up to her, she wants nothing to do with it.

So a move to the WWE makes perfect sense. She can continue to feed her ego, and pretend she’s everything Dana White ever told us she was.

Despite my dislike for Ronda, she does have a meaningful place in women’s MMA. She was a pioneer who paved the way for women today.

Dana White once said that women would never fight in the UFC, and now they have multiple weight divisions. After two devastating knock-outs, it’s probably best for not only her brand, but for her legacy that she moves on from MMA.


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