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The Blue Jays ‘Jackie Redmond Curse’ Is A Thing In 2018

The Blue Jays ‘Jackie Redmond Curse’ Is A Thing In 2018

As we get ready to turn 1 on July 1, we are posting our best stories over the past year.  The Jackie Redmond/JD/Marco Estrada affair rumors were loud this year.  The Loudest.  When you search ‘Jackie Redmond’ on the Google machine these stories pop up first.   She’s outstanding at her job but it doesn’t mean she or the Blue Jays are immune to reporting on rumors.

If you ask me 2018 is the year of the ‘Redmond’ curse.  JD can’t get on the field, Estrada had a shit start and there’s other stuff I can’t report on because it’s still too hot.

Happy Birthday to us and more importantly you.  We’re 6 months younger than Jackie’s new assets.  She looks terrific btw.

This story caused some issues.  For middle-aged women that wanted to have sex with JD and finding out, he was possibly having sex with a beautiful young reporter led to at least four angry messages from single moms who told me I was lying.

All I know you fine people love a good scandal especially when it involves the City’s most prolific athletes.  So we handed you a steady diet of that shit.  That’s what we do.  Adaptable, always learning, head on a swivel type digital shit.  That’s how the web works.

This story made me realize what a fucking waste of time it was to research hard-hitting stories on CORSI and WAR when posting a story about affairs or horses with three dicks are indeed the order of the day.

***Courtesy of Terez Owens.

Terez Owens –  Here’s a little dirt from the diamond. Toronto Blue Jays MLB super star player has been caught cheating on his long-term girlfriend. According to sources, Josh Donaldson, has been having an affair with Sportsnet reporter Jackie Redmond, and his girlfriend Briana Miller walked in on the two. Since then, she has deleted all photos of her and Josh off her social media. Jackie helps cover the Blue Jays for the Canadian sports station and has since been reassigned to the NHL section, away from the Blue Jays. Sources also say she had hooked up with other Jay baseball players as well. Ouch, that hurts. 


A) No Idea if this is true, but Terez doesn’t bullshit.

B) They’re consenting adults.  If it’s true.

C) IF it’s true, the affair might have been going on for “well over a year” according to our sources.

D) This might be the first time a professional baseball player has cheated with a team reporter ever…..IF ITS TRUE.

Jackie recently left for the NHL/MLB network removing the dipping pen in the company ink excuse IF ITS TRUE.

Not sure you can blame the guy….If.  It’s.  True.

***We asked Dean if we should post this and he said: “we post shit about other athletes in other cities, Toronto is no different.”

He also said, “make sure you pass the buck to Terez.”

So there we go.

Note From Dean:

We’ve had this story for a LOOOONG ass time and our sources are 110 on JD/JR for “almost two years.  I can’t confirm what I haven’t seen and No, I don’t wanna watch.

Jackie was always nice to me and yes this was talked about for some time at work but I dont think any less of anyone involved.  Nor do I really give a shit.

I O.K.’d the story and would do it again.  Why?  Because no one in Toronto has a fucking fit when we post stories of NFL coaches doing blow in Miami.  The same rules apply here.

So if you’re “that guy” or “that girl” is horrendously offended or if you are “that company” that has to deal with the fallout, play by the same rules.  No matter how close you might be to the people involved or how big a fan you are, this is news.   because you don’t like or believe it doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter.  It also doesn’t mean we have to care if you don’t like it.




  1. Colin

    March 31, 2018 at 4:51 am

    Same rumor about Heidi Watney in Boston. I think rumored with Vartitek. She then went to MLB.

  2. A

    October 10, 2017 at 7:47 am

    Poor Jackie, sometimes into everyone’s life a little?? Rain must fall

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