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Saudi’s Say “We Did Kill That Washington Post Journalist But It Was A Total Mistake

Saudi’s Say “We Did Kill That Washington Post Journalist But It Was A Total Mistake

I’ve seriously had to stop watching @CNN because it’s bumming me RTFO.  Not just the pure Trump insanity but the constant deluge of shit that goes in my brain like this story about Jamal Khashoggi.

He’s a Saudi Born reporter who lives abroad.  He worked for the Washington post and has been very critical of the Saudi Crown Prince Who-ever-The-Fuck for his corrupt and brutal regime.  Turns out he was on to something.   A few days ago Jamal was lured into the Saudi Embassy in Turkey and never came out.  The Saudi’s said they had no clue what happened to Jamal Khashoggi and President Trumpski suspected it was probably some of those ‘rogue killers’ he’s been hearing about.

Today The Saudi’s are said to be preparing a statement saying they DID kill Khashoggi but it was a total accident.  The just wanted to interrogate and torture him a bit but something went wrong and he died so they had to cut him up into little pieces and throw the pieces in the Ocean.

Plausible.  Ruthless and fucking gross, yet plausible.

See why this bums me out?

-Now I have this poor guy in a room getting disemboweled while people hear it in the next room and

-Khashoggi is a family man who works for the most well-respected newspaper in the world.

-Trump is obviously lying saying he talked to the King who said it wasn’t the Saudi’s so “We’ll See” and he quite frankly scares the shit out of me because of his financial ties to Saudi Arabia.

That’s the kind of stuff I fill my mind with every night and maybe the reality that this world is deeply screwed is just starting to make sense.  That’s why I’ve been watching a pile of Leaf games and posting videos of people getting hit in the nuts with golf balls.

It’s light work for my head.

I can’t wait for the start of the Leaf game

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