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School Bans Expensive Coats So Poor Losers Don’t Feel Bad.

School Bans Expensive Coats So Poor Losers Don’t Feel Bad.

Source:  Kids can be cruel, it’s a cliche but it’s true, and high schools are the crucible of shitty behavior, whether it’s picking on someone because they are too short, too tall, too fat, too thin, or too poor, children will find a weakness and exploit it relentlessly.

Like most forms of bullying, it is largely out of the kid’s control, so one school has taken radical steps to cut out what it calls ‘poverty shaming’ once and for all and has banned its pupils from wearing expensive designer coats and jackets.

From the start of next year pupils at Woodchurch High School, Birkenhead, will not be allowed to wear super pricey branded coats such a Canada Goose and Moncler – which can cost up to £600 a piece.

bully ponytail GIF

Serves us right.  It was the logical next step for the snowflake generation after banning tag or playing catch ‘just in case’ someone ‘accidentally gets hurt’.

I’m for situational awareness and banning Canada Goose Coats will teach kids the opposite.  As a bonus, all the poor kids will be even more aware of their underachieving ancestry when all the rich kids get new coats, and they look the same.

Maybe my kids are weird, but they don’t give a shit about designer clothes and if they made fun of someone for not having the same stuff they did I’d send them to school in duct tape.  This is different though.  The school is assuming kids who don’t have nice coats will feel bad about themselves and as a preventative measure, the school decided to tell the rich kids how to dress which will go over like a led balloon.

Be nice if we got out of our way from time to time then our kids wouldn’t be growing up to be huge pussies.


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